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The Harvey Leadership Model
Game changing for individuals, non-profits, and businesses, Harvey explains the 10 principles that distinguish effective leaders.

This book explains each principle, how successful leaders have applied it, and how you can too.

You’ll Discover:
*The 10 principles that distinguish effective leaders in life and business.
*The core trait that we should always keep at the center of our being -- for every decision and every interaction.
*Vision, Innovation, and Management aren't enough without this one thing which has the power to make or break your leadership -- whether you're leading a university, non-profit or business.

About Dr. William R. Harvey
Dr. William R. Harvey has served as President of Hampton University for 39 years. During his tenure, he has introduced innovations that have solidified Hampton's stellar position among the nation's colleges and universities. His extraordinary leadership is reflected in the growth and quality of the University's student population, academic programs, physical facilities and financial base.

Hampton University has built the first proton therapy cancer treatment center in the Commonwealth of Virginia -- an unparalleled hub for cancer treatment, research and technology.

An astute businessman, Dr. Harvey has applied his business acumen to the needs of Hampton University. In the process, he established student scholarships, created jobs, provided services, and increased the number of African-American entrepreneurs, while expanding the tax base in the City of Hampton.

In addition to the distinguished leadership Dr. Harvey has provided to Hampton University, he is the sole owner of the Pepsi Cola Bottling Company of Houghton, Michigan.
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